We were very proud to have first screened our Heritage Lottery Funded film  on 29/09/2019 to a small audience at Time & Talents in Rotherhithe followed by a lively Q&A sessions.  We will publish further news of public screenings on our NEWS! pages.

You can see the film here and are welcome to share the film and have watch parties.

The End of an Era

These were some of our responses to our screening.

“Brilliant! Beautifully filmed. Wonderful to watch and listen to ordinary women being allowed to tell their own stories. Well done! So sensitive and respectful. Great that you didn’t talk about them, but let them talk!”  (Sheila Taylor)

“I love the opening shots and the the stories; although different, all had similar experiences. Lovely ladies.” (Michelle Page-James)

“This is an excellent film that tells a lot of stories that people didn’t know. it shows how women have been a big part of the world of work, but still haven’t been recognised as equals.” (Michael Holland)

“Very good film. If people get to watch it. they will realise how hard it was for women in the 60’s. I was an unmarried mother who chose to keep my child.”  (Gwen McCalla, Project Participant)

“It was lovely to hear other people’s views on this film” (Iris Simmons, Project Participant)

We are planning further screenings and if you would like to host a screening, would like to be invited to future screenings ir want to give us feedback please contact us here.


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